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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Gü-tted about Gü's free-range egg REFUSAL

And so the saga continues... After years of believing that lovely choccy pud company Gü were using only the BEST ingredients in their products, a nasty revelation was revealed to me at a taste forum I was invited to a few weeks ago... That my beloved are shockingly NOT using free range eggs in nearly 90% of their range! Read the detail of this here: http://sabrinaspassions.blogspot.com/2010/07/not-free-range-can-gu-believe-it.html

After a week long battle of e-mail exchange, it seems the lovely folk at are REFUSING to provide me with any further information regarding their distinct lack of free-range egg useage and have now asked me to meet with their Managing Director! Their refusal only makes me more concerned about why they are witholding simple information as to what kind of eggs they DO use. Reasons given for not using free-range eggs in their products? "Some of our puddings don't rise as well with free-range eggs" - A 'crock' of an excuse if I've ever heard one!


- There are 29 products in the and Frü range in the UK, 21 products contain some amount of egg, of which 3 use free range eggs (Frü Wonderfully Exotic Mango & Passion Fruit Mini Cheesecakes, Frü Carrot Cakes and Gü-ey Chocolate Rolls).

- In January 2010 Nobel Foods bought a majority steak in In January 2010 another food company bought a majority steak in , valuing at between £30 and £35 million. Nobel Foods specialise in eggs(!!!) and are the largest supplier of eggs and egg products in the UK (http://www.noblefoods.co.uk) and describe themselves as "the progressive face of the UK egg industry".

- puddings are stocked in around 3,000 stores in the UK

If you feel strongly about this issue, whatever your reason, whether animal cruelty or welfare or concern over quality or over concern over transparency of ingredient use from companies who you'd expect to use the BEST ingredients... There are several things you can do...

1) Boycott all Gü products until they use free-range eggs!

2) Write to them and voice your concerns at:

Laura Bowyer - Customer Care Manager at Gü
Gü Chocolate Puds
E-mail: laurab@gupuds.com / Tel: 020 7605 0064

3) Post this article on your own blogs, shout about it on Twitter and Facebook and email me with your tips and advice on what should be said to Gü's Managing Director!

if we join forces and band together!!! We can make a difference and force companies like Gü to be more honest and transparent about which ingredients they use so we can make informed decisions about what we purchase and consume!

For now, signing off... More updates coming rapidly!


  1. Hi Sabrina, I can't believe GU don't use free ranbge eggs in ALL there products. I will not be buying them anymore and I will write to GU explaining my feelings on this. I glad you bought it to my attention and hopefully others will follow.

  2. Thank you!!! That would be amazing. They are beginning to crack a little as more and more people are emailing them to air their dissatisfaction. There is a lot of dirt to dig with Gu, I'm told, but eggs are my main agenda. Anything you could do to get more people to email them would be great! This is appalling really! I will keep you posted on what my findings are! Thanks for your support!