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Persian Split Pea, Dried Lime and Lamb Stew

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Black Lime and Broadway Market - Better than Borough!

I am so over Borough Market and it's unruly crowds, impossible queues, annoying tourists and extreme pricing; there has to be an alternative! Fear not my food loving friends, there is a solution... 'Broadway Market, E8'. The market was established in 1890 and in 2004 the market went through a much needed revival which helped it become what it is today!

A lovely friend of mine named Soli Zardosht runs the UK's first Persian food market stand at Broadway Market called "Black Lime" - referring to the popular ingredient of dried limes used used in Persian cookery - and Soli had been asking me for the best part of a year to come and see the market and for one reason or another I hadn't yet managed to make it to visit her at Broadway until recently. 'Black Lime' serves up both classic and modern flavours of Persian cuisine to the hungry masses. Soli prides herself on serving up delicious, healthy meals involving baking instead of frying and the result is mouth-watering! Her food is becoming increasingly popular in the market and on the day I visited, there were a lot of people waiting in line for her wholesome take on Persian food; and it is well worth the wait!

You can get more information about the wonderful food of 'Black Lime' at:

As soon as I entered the market, the noise, colour and intoxicating food smells hit me drawing me in and within 5 minutes, I had spent £20! This kind of market is like crack to me, I can't help myself from stopping at every stand, wanting to taste everything and take everything home with me; Want a taste of Brazil? Then see the whole hog roast and delicious Brazilian snacks like Coxhinas [Co-jin-yas] stuffed with cheese and chicken, Bolinho de Bacalhau [Bo-lin-yoo de Ba-ka-yao] as well as these semi circle pastries stuffed with prawns (the name of which escapes me) and the classic 'Pasteis de Nata' - those delicious bruleed Portuguese custard tarts.

If you are looking to go more exotic than Brazilian food, why not try Ghanaian cuisine and the wonderful 'Spinach and Agushi' stand (also at Portobello Market on Saturdays) where you can get a real taste of Africa with my all-time favourite 'Jollof rice', which is a spicy rice popular in many different African countries, fried plantain, coconut chicken curry, spicy beef curry and of course the classic Ghanaian dish of Agushi - And if you want to know what it is, you will have to go and try it for yourself! There were many different kinds of sausage and both sweet and savoury Pirogies at the Polish stand too which were incredibly tasty and I would highly recommend to those wanting to try something completely different.

Other delights from the market include wonderful artisan breads, salamis and cured meats, pastries and cakes, every kind of food imaginable from Gujerati to Creole and not to mention butchers, fishmongers, restaurants and shops galore. Broadway is also home to the famous F.Cooke pie and mash shop I wrote about recently, so what are you waiting for? Hackney is where the action is and East London is fast becoming the home to some of the countries best and most innovative restaurants.

For more information on this wonderful market, visit their site here at:



  1. haha great!i love it thanks.and here is the link to my under construction site!well one day.....

    x soli

  2. Thank you!!! I am busy plotting my next opportunity to go there again!